The Forgotten Galaxy



Genre: science-fiction with elements of romance, space opera and thriller

Status: editing

Twenty-two-year-old Elissa Miner dreams of adventures. But as her application to the Naramore Space Exploration Academy is rejected, she keeps working in a lab at Hydra, a multi-headed corporation spanning across all twelve Sectors of the explored universe known as Olympus. When she learns that her brother Gun has been given life sentence on a planet-prison for murder, everything she’s taken for granted is destroyed with her decision to break him free.

In a world where Blind Justice is controlled by an incorruptible and error-free Themis, Elissa sees her only chance in obtaining secret Hydra files to sell illegally in exchange for rescuing her brother out of prison. As Elissa posts an anonymous message in the Free Zone of UnFeed – the global system of interconnected device networks – she meets the dashing and enigmatic Waine Rier.

Elissa quickly finds herself submerged into a confrontation with Hydra, whose Other Human project is aimed to replace humanity with a different, improved version. As she soon learns, their corrupt schemes have already overtaken Themis and spread as far as the Forgotten Galaxy – an unknown star system where Hydra secretly bargains with non-humanoid civilizations, develops dangerous new technology and prepares to overthrow the old order. Framing Elissa’s brother for murder or getting rid of a rogue Senator appears to be only a tiny fraction of what Hydra is willing to do for its goals.

When the truth about Elissa’s parents and her connection to the Other Human project is revealed, she’s committed to stopping it at all cost.