The Darker Places



Genre: horror with elements of romance and paranormal

Status: writing the second draft

Twenty-seven-year-old Nathalie Berkley doesn’t believe in anything supernatural. But then she receives a gift from her dead mother and accepts an invitation to a séance with a medium to support a friend. However, instead of an innocuous fright, Nathalie is confronted with a hellish vision of a demon who sees her back, convincing her that she’s connected to him this way or another.

A call from her Aunt Darya from Russia she has never met before reveals the fact that Nathalie’s mother was adopted, prompting her decision to go and meet her new family. Taken to an officially uninhabited island in the Laptev sea, she discovers a small community of the Sighted, people who can see the Nechist – supernatural evil entities – and fight them.

Upon taking her rightful place in the family, Nathalie learns that not only the demon she thought she saw during the séance is real, he’s incarnated as her twin-brother and plans to fill the human world with Nechist and rule over it like a king with Nathalie by his side. Involved into a power struggle between higher forces she still doesn’t fully understand, Nathalie must uncover the events of the past life that came to haunt her in order to understand the present and resist the evil lure of her brother’s promises of a new order.