Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone cover

Genre: young adult, contemporary fantasy with elements of horror and romance

Status: writing second draft

Seventeen-year-old Emilia Larice dreams of following in her late father’s footsteps and becoming the Light Army Warrior. For that, she needs to enter the prestigious Severin Academy, all students of which are handpicked by its legendary founder and Headmaster, Armand Severin. Handsome, powerful and widely-respected, he’s an all around admired man in Bryhud, a protected world where Emilia lives with her mother Gabrielle.

Emilia’s projects are halted when she reads an article in the local magazine, implying that her father and his entire squad have been stuck in the underground caves of the old Severin Academy, since then sealed shut, for the past eighteen years after their lethal battle with the Red Demon. Their souls cannot move on, waiting to be released from their prison. Emilia rushes to her father’s aid, using her abilities to overcome a protective spell around the wall of Bryhud that shields the city from the Red Demon and all the other dangerous creatures living in the wild.

But finding her father and talking to him propels Emilia into a world of new problems as her father designates her the new guardian of an enchanted sapphire – Heart of Stone. As he’s arrested on orders of a powerful usurper-queen Silver and sent to Karmic Prison, Emilia struggles to reconcile two contradicting missions – rescue her father and protect Heart of Stone from Silver who sees the sapphire as a perfect way to increase her dominance and reinforce the Laws of Karma in her favor.

Accompanied by Armand Severin, for whom Emilia harbors impossible love, she must stop Silver before the world becomes a dark place of punishment, control and despair.