Gray Earth


Genre: science-fiction with elements of romance, space opera and thriller

Status: finished, in search of representation

In 1962, leaders of five most powerful countries on Earth signed a separate agreement with a non-humanoid alien civilization — the Grays — to enable them to exhaust Earth’s natural resources in exchange for wealth and prosperity of a paradise planet within the Milky Way Galaxy. Over 60 years later, the present-day leaders renew their arrangement, accepting the final stage of the alien invasion for an opportunity to leave forever the overheating and polluted Earth.

The unsuspecting twenty-year-old Zoey Norwood arrives to Kennecott, Alaska, to begin a new job. Upon running into her dashing boss Reeve Montgomery, she falls for him and she’s quick to accept his invite to a Christmas corporate party. But instead of being his belle of the ball, she accidentally comes across a secret gathering of ashen-skinned aliens, who plan to destroy Earth by nuclear strikes from space in sixty days.

Accompanied by Reeve and an FBI agent Thomas Irwin, Zoey goes to a nearby town to meet a Russian hermit Rodomir who offers them a single chance to save Earth. For that, they need to summon a Vaytmana, a long-distance spaceship sent for help by an allied civilization, and travel to the Moon to activate the long-abandoned Earth’s Energy Shield.

The delay to Earth’s total annihilation shrinks as Zoey, Reeve and Thomas begin their tough journey through Siberia to reach an old cosmoport in Ural despite devastating news about a spaceship being destroyed in Earth’s orbit. An unlikely trio without military training or scientific knowledge, they know that survival of seven billion people now depends on them.