The Karaënna

The Karaënna, also commonly called the Grays, are a hostile alien race of gray-skinned creatures. They come from a void galaxy, which means that there are very few stars to provide light and heat in their world. They have little resources too, and they steal those resources from inhabited planets (planets-earths) of the universe. Once the planet-earth is sucked dry of everything it used to possess, they destroy it.

Down below is a list of books that feature the Karaënna. The saga that is planned to span 5 books is tentatively called Grayscale:

THE STAR ROADS – complete at 97,000 words, seeking representation

Ice Monsters, who killed her parents fifteen years ago, have never left twenty-year-old Zoey Norwood’s nightmares. When her resentful sisters coerce her into signing a five-year contract as a hotel maid in none other than the ice capital of the U.S., Alaska, Zoey is unaware that she has just sealed her participation in an intergalactic war.

Invited by her handsome boss Reeve Montgomery, Zoey attends a corporate party as his date. But instead of becoming his belle of the ball, she discovers a secret gathering of the very Ice Monsters no one believed were real. Turns out they’re hostile extraterrestrials with ashen skin and a master plan to destroy Earth in sixty days.

Forced into the role of Earth’s saviors, Zoey and Reeve must travel to the Moon and activate the planet’s dormant protection shields to give humanity a chance at survival.

THE FAIR FALCON – WIP at 40,000 words

As Ivan, the maybe Fair Falcon, is falling in love with Isabel, Freyr isn’t going to let her go. But she struggles to accept the responsibilities that come with being his bride and asks him not to introduce her as such when they arrive at Finist-earth, his home planet. While the cleft between them is widening, it might appear that Isabel’s love is just what the Fair Falcon needs to wake up from his enchanted dream.

After her tough victory over the Grays, Zoey hopes for a break. But she’s kidnapped by the leader of the Grays on her way to a safe haven and the punishment for disobeying him is imminent. Held against her will, threatened into submission by the lives of her sisters, Zoey seems to have no other choice but to accept a gruesome marriage with her captor.

Determined to get Zoey back, Reeve suddenly receives a distress signal from no one other than his missing brother and realizes that he wouldn’t be able to help both Gavin and Zoey. Struggling to choose between the two people he loves most in the world, Reeve uncovers a new secret plan of attack of the Grays and has to warn the Hierarchs that this time, the entire galaxy is in danger.

With the Grays playing dirtier than ever, Isabel, Freyr, Reeve, Zoey and Gavin might have no other choice than to betray each other for the ultimate victory.

THE GRAY SON – Next in line

Grayson Gibb is happy to be finally part of something big and noble. He stands by the Hierarch of the Great Black Race Gedeyon to fight out of the slavery humanity had lived way too long. Shadow governments are formed to outpower those that are corrupted and can no longer be trusted.

After Isabel refused Ivan’s love and married Freyr, the Fair Falcon is awakened, his memories regained, but the pain of his losses stops him from restoring the Star-roads. Without a bride to inspire and love him, he’s easy prey to the enemy and doesn’t resist when he’s taken by a Karaënna queen. A young woman from Loter-earth, Evelina, begins a long and perilous journey to recover him.

But everything seems vain when the Grays unveil their most terrifying weapon yet — the Gray Sons and the Gray Daughters. Horrified to discover that he’s one of them, his DNA tampered with to make him an obedient servant, Grayson refuses to accept the fate forced upon him. Even though Gedeyon agrees to help him, others view him as a threat and are proved right when Grayson is unable to ignore the call of his masters.

With Midgard-earth and the entire galaxy more threatened than ever, the Fair Falcon in captivity and an army of the Gray Children rising, this might be the very end of human race.


Gavin is still stuck in the dark words and struggles to find his way out, as well as to help Admiral Serill and his fleet. In the meantime, Evelina is desperate to find the Fair Falcon and prove to him that her love for him is as strong as Rock Dove’s used to be. A massive kamikaze attack of the Gray Children leads to the inevitable — Midgard-earth’s demise.


Finally fully awakened and inspired again, the Fair Falcon is restoring the Star-roads with Evelina. Gavin has fought his way out of the dark worlds only to discover that Midgard-earth is gone, the Star-roads aren’t finished and the Hierarchs’ fleet everyone was hoping for is a distant memory. The Frontier is breached and Zoey and Reeve find themselves its unwilling guardians. They struggle to contain a massive attack from the Karaënna, as well as the surviving Gray Children.