Review Policy

After years of writing and reading, I realized once simple thing. I don’t feel like it’s my place to criticize other people’s books. At the very least, because I know how much time, effort, energy and feeling goes into each and every book out there. Some compare books to children. For me, it feels more like a book is part of the author’s soul. Sometimes, what comes out of the story is something the author didn’t even know about him/herself.

I was always taught to find sense and meaning in every book, every movie, every TV program or news article. Someone had done all those things for a reason. And that’s what my reviews will be like. What I learned reading [BOOK TITLE]. That’s what I want to share with the author and with the other readers.

If you’d like to read more traditional reviews and/or the books blurb, its GoodReads page will be linked.