Illustration #6 GRAY EARTH

illustration 6 Gray Earth

Elmever took the crystal out of the pocket of his new warm jacket and put the device on the dashboard, between the steering wheel and the windshield. The crystal started emitting pale blue glow, like a projector casting an image on the windshield — a 3D image of a gray-haired man with a beard, probably in his fifties.

Illustration #5 GRAY EARTH

illustration 5 Gray Earth

A bright spot of light lifted off from one of the green spots. It stayed immobile above the surface of the planet, then, taking on a shape of a huge bird of prey — a falcon, Isabelle figured — it trembled, burst aflame and took flight. The golden Falcon was cutting through the darkness of space, leaving behind a burning trail — a plexus of golden threads that solidified, bit by bit taking on a more complex shape.


Today, I’d like to share something quite special, our very first ever fan-art by Anastasia Verbena.

anastasia chapter 70 small
Fan-art by Anastasia Verbena

The night was quiet, clear and very cold. The black velvet of the sky was covered with so many stars that it seemed surreal. The bright crescent of the moon hung above the trees. Reeve realized that he enjoyed this peaceful moment of loneliness and silence. The lack of civilization, noise and light appeased him, allowed him to reconnect with himself.

Illustration #4 GRAY EARTH

illustration 4 Gray Earth

The ship had landed in a way that the left side of the open ring was facing Reeve and Zoey. They waited in tense silence. Then, two arms that lay unmoving along both sides of the entrance shivered with effort and moved to pull large wings of the door apart. Reeve watched in fascination, letting his mind marvel at the technical details of it all, putting fear on the backburner of his mind.