Do You Suck?

Today’s entry was born from a conversation I had with my writer friend last night. She told me that her family didn’t support her and considered she “sucked” because she still hadn’t landed an agent and secured a deal with a publisher. I was heartbroken and angry for her, hence this blog post.

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What I Learned Reading THE LOST GIRLS

THE LOST GIRLS by Heather Young.

Too bad if this will seem weird to you, but I have to say it. And since I’m not doing traditional reviews, I’m allowed to be weird, right? Today, we talk a lot about feminism. Honestly, sometimes it feels like even a worse prison than the one imposed upon women by men in earlier centuries.

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What I Learned Reading FIR

FIR by Sharon Gosling.

The ecological message stood out to me from the first pages. Don’t cut down trees or bad things will happen. As a firm lover of nature and everything alive, I applaud. Forest (with an obligatory capital ‘F’) has always been a mystical creature to me. Many writers from literary to science-fiction and horror treated the Forest like the main if not character then at least presence in their stories.

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