What I Learned Reading FIR

FIR by Sharon Gosling.

The ecological message stood out to me from the first pages. Don’t cut down trees or bad things will happen. As a firm lover of nature and everything alive, I applaud. Forest (with an obligatory capital ‘F’) has always been a mystical creature to me. Many writers from literary to science-fiction and horror treated the Forest like the main if not character then at least presence in their stories.

That’s what I felt reading FIR. Maybe that’s why the actual main character is a nameless teen whose age and gender we don’t get to know. It doesn’t matter, because it’s human vs. Nature, human vs. forces we cannot comprehend and that scare us like nightmares. Face to the Forest, even the horror factor is somewhat secondary to me, even though there is a good fright in this novel.

As stressed by the title, the Forest is dominant. I could feel it breathing down my back as I read. I felt like I would turn around and there wouldn’t be my room’s door but a dark parade of tall fir-trees. It inspired me awe and fear of the magical power that is the Forest. It wins in the end. Without getting in the details, let’s say that for me this story proved an old point that we humans would always struggle to accept: Nature always consumes us, no matter what we do.

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