WHY is a question I ask myself a lot in my writer’s life. Why create yet another blog when the web is bursting with those? Why write another novel when bookstores don’t know what to do with the ones they already have (and, hey, people don’t read anymore, right)?

K.M. Weiland comes up with quite a number of good reasons in her recent post, and I definitely agree with the main one — you write because you can’t not to. A day spent without writing a new chapter to the current WIP novel or editing the finished one feels like a wasted day. Everything around you seems to suggest plot idea, character situations and themes.

Your life is ALL about writing. So, you write.

There is another reason I discovered on the long journey from endless unfinished drafts to three complete novels, ready to conquer the world. Writing helps you do what I’m intimately persuaded every human being has to do in their life — conquer chaos, understand the world, give it meaning.

Sound presumptuous? Maybe. But it’s my way of coping with everything that happens, of dealing with things I can’t always file away in my head and toss the key. My characters live adventures I would never live (one of many perks of writing sci-fi and fantasy), but they teach me things I didn’t know about myself, and pushing them pushes me in turn.

Living gives a lot of food for thought, and writing creates digestible meals. And that alone is a reason enough for me.

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