Hello and welcome to our website. Here, we share original illustrations for our novel GRAY EARTH and some other drawings, as well as information about our current projects. Below, you’ll find a brief summary of our work.

smartGRAY EARTHadult science-fiction

After arriving to a remote town of Kennecott, Alaska, twenty-year-old Zoey Norwood comes across a secret gathering of hostile ashen-skinned aliens and must stop them from destroying Earth in 60 days.


smartTHE FORGOTTEN GALAXY – adult science-fiction

In the universe separated in 12 large Sectors and ruled by the all-powerful Olympians, twenty-two-year-old Elissa Miner’s brother is arrested for a crime she’s certain he hasn’t committed. To set him free, she finds herself confronted with the multi-headed corporation Hydra, which growing influence threatens the very survival of human race.

smartTHE DARKER PLACES – adult paranormal & horror

After twenty-seven-year-old Nathalie Berkley receives a phone call from an aunt in Russia she didn’t know she had, she’s thrown headfirst in the world of the Nechist – malevolent beings eager to destroy humans and throw their world at the feet of the Prince of Chaos.


Heart of Stone coverHEART OF STONE – YA contemporary fantasy

When seventeen-year-old Emilia Larice learns that her late father’s soul hasn’t moved on to a better place, she sets on a quest to rescue him from a sinister Karmic prison, where he’s been thrown on orders of Queen Silver – a dangerous sorceress set on controlling the world via 7 enchanted gemstones.